The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry defines persons with special health care needs as individuals who "have a physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional impairment or limiting condition that requires medical management, health care intervention, and/or use of specialized services or programs." The condition may be developmental or acquired and may cause limitations in performing daily self-maintenance activities or substantial limitations in a major life activity. Health care for special needs patients is beyond that considered routine and requires specialized knowledge, increased awareness, attention, and accommodation.

Dr. Jeff & Dr. Mike are pediatric dentists who specializes in treatment for patients with special health care needs. We understand that oral diseases can have a direct and devastating impact on the health of those with certain systemic health problems or conditions. Our practice will help manage the child with special health care needs by using known preventive and restorative techniques. We commit to help your family succeed in achieving dental health so that your child may develop to their maximum ability.