Dentists Your Child Can Trust

It's important for children to establish dental visits early. It's even more important to bring them to a dentist who specializes in children's dental care. At Children's Dentistry, understanding your child's behavior and needs is our top priority. We offer the following dental care services in Fruitland, Nampa & Star, ID:

The atmosphere at Children's Dentistry ensures your child feels safe and comfortable. With our fun and loving staff, colorful jungle and oceanic theme, they are sure to feel relaxed and excited. In our office your child's journey begins in a playroom filled with toys and a built-in airplane cockpit!

I have a serious dentist phobia because of a negative experience as a child. My kids do not. And that is entirely due to Dr. Bryson and his incredible staff. Dr. Bryson knows how to engage kids in the cleaning process and how to make it fun. The office is set up with kids in mind and is totally nonthreatening. The hygienists are a blast too. Honestly, my kids look forward to their cleanings and would go more often if they could.