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I love it here and so do my kids! They have had nothing but good experiences. The staff is awesome especially the front desk staff they are so helpful and easy to work with. I would recommend Children's Dentistry or Idaho to anyone.


Dr. Mike is the best!! My kids love him, the staff is very friendly


I absolutely love how Dr. Bryson is such a funny caring and calming person for my children. They love seeing him and he makes every experience enjoyable even the not so fun ones. When we move up North soon I will still drive my kids down here to be treated by his office and their amazing staff! The 5 hours will be worth it!


I took my grand daughter in for a cleaning. She had a anxiety attack. They rescheduled her to return a month later. She brought her favorite toy to comfort her and I reassured her that they would take good care of her. unknown to me and my grand daughter this appointment was just a let's have fun and get to know each other better.. lol I'm sure they have an official name.

They painted her nails, played with her toy. squirted water on her fingers and counted her teeth. Whatttt??? they took time out of their schedule to make her feel comfortable and have fun at the dentist.
Bless their hearts.


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Love Dr. Jeffrey. He is always so much fun. My kids enjoy visiting the dentist and have no fears.


I have a serious dentist phobia because of a negative experience as a child. My kids do not. And that is entirely due to Dr. Bryson and his incredible staff. Dr. Bryson knows how to engage kids in the cleaning process and how to make it fun. The office is set up with kids in mind and is totally nonthreatening. The hygenists are a blast too. Honestly, my kids look forward to their cleanings and would go more often if they could.


The ladies and Dr. Jeff really spent the time we needed with us, our 2 little guys did so great because they were patient and thorough.


Would highly recommend to anyone. The receptionists are very friendly, helpful and always respond to rescheduling and appointments very promptly. The dental assistants are so child friendly and professional. My daughter is terrified of the dentist and everyone has been so patient. They took time today to paint her nails and count teeth to help gain trust and put her at ease. The dentist's are also wonderful. Great team.


We love Dr. Bryson and Children's Dentistry. My five year old is terrified of the dentist tools and everyone is always super accommodating and they help him be comfortable even just for cleanings.


My daughter has had multiple dental procedures here, from fillings and check-ups to even an extraction. She still likes the dentist! They do a great job of anticipating kids nerves and calm them down right from the start.


So great with kids. They paint my daughters nails and try to have silly conversations with her (even though she just wants to watch tv ). Best experience I've had at a dentist.


My six year old daughter has had to have a bunch of dental work done and we started with a different dentist. It got so bad she would not let anything be done because she was too scared. We got into this appointment and she saw the swab and was ready to cry. The staff did an amazing job with her. She never even felt the shots, they had done such a got job numbing her and giving her the shots. I am very happy with our experience at Children's Dentistry and plan to keep bringing her back. She likes the play house too.