Meet the Staff!

*All staff members at Children's Dentistry are certified in Basic Life Support. **Bilingual Assistants


Rachel has been in the exciting field of dentistry for 17 years. She loves her career and the opportunities she has every day to help in creating beautiful smiles. She has seen many aspects of dentistry and has enjoyed building amazing relationships with patients and coworkers. When she is not creating beautiful happy smiles, she enjoys anything in the great outdoors and spending quality time with her husband and children.


Christine has been our front office specialist since October 2008. Christine's favorite aspects of her job is being the first to greet patients and their families when they arrive. Christine is loved by our patients both in the office and over the phone. As the patient care specialist, she coordinates patient scheduling and handles insurance questions and is the guarantor of patient satisfaction. She is often handing out ice-cream cards to her favorite patients and they are all her favorites! Christine is a natural caregiver with her experience as a mother of three children and grandmother of one! When she's home with her husband and family she loves to read and quilt.


Edith has spent several years in the medical field. However, she feels the most at home in the world of pediatrics. Taking care of her two beautiful children and the patients in the office keeps her life well balanced. She loves the challenge of coordinating patient care. For Edith, the biggest reward is seeing that she has made some kids and parents happy. For fun, Edith plays video games, cuddle with her babies, and working on graphic designs. But, if she could do more-she would love to advocate and end child abuse. For now, working for two phenomenal doctors; Dr. Jeff and Dr. Mike fulfill her hopes. Because in their business, every child is loved and taken care of!


Tashina has been with our office since 2014, she loves working with kids and finds her work very rewarding. She earned her Dental Hygiene degree in 2013 from Carrington College. As a little girl Tashina loved going to the dentist and always wanted to work in the dental field. She is a busy mother of three boys who enjoys various activities with them including go-cart racing and spending time at the BMX bike track.


Stevie has worked in the dental field for 7 years. In 2015 she took a break from dentistry to enlist in the Air National Guard and completed basic and tech school training. Stevie's loyalty to serving her country is equally matched with her love for dentistry. She returned to pediatric dentistry recently while continuing to serve in the Air National Guard. Stevie enjoys reading, weight lifting and the great outdoors. What Stevie appreciates most about working in Pediatric Dentistry is the opportunity it gives her to provide care for patients and alleviate their anxiety with her compassionate personality.


Jessica graduated from Carrington College in 2013 with an expanded functions and associate degree in dental assisting. Jessica fell in love with pediatric dentistry for all the array of fun personalities that often make her laugh. She enjoys working for Dr. Jeff and Dr. Mike for their caring and positive attitudes. When she's not in the office she is busy with her dog, riding horses, reading, camping and doing outdoor activities.


Martha graduated from Carrington College in 2015 and then joined the Children's Dentistry team. Working in pediatrics fulfills Martha's love for kids. Surrounded with nieces and nephews, pediatrics is a wonderful extension to her family. Martha adores the array of personalities she gets to see when working with kids. In her free time, she loves going out with her friends if she's not baking goodies with her family.


Melissa fell in love with the field of Dentistry as a child when her parents took her for regular check-ups. She loved it so much her parents sent her to Dental school and since then, working with Dr. Jeff and Dr. Mike has made her dream come full circle. She has particularly enjoyed working with kids for their rambunctious personalities and amazing energy. Blessed with a child of her own, Melissa spends most of her time meddling in photography and video making with her daughter as the star. Melissa is loved by her patients. Her favorite compliment is being told by toddlers that she's, "the cutest thing [they've] ever seen!"


Pam's world changed when she followed her best friend Christine into the field of Dentistry. Pam discovered her hidden passion of patient care especially in pediatrics. When Pam is not occupied with insurance paperwork she loves to play in the airplane with kids. When she's not in the office Pam enjoys crocheting, reading and board games with her family.


Kayla's interest in Dentistry began in High School and with her many years of experience working with kids she went on to join Children's Dentistry. Every day since has been nothing but fun memories for Kayla. Making kids laugh and feel comfortable is something she looks forward to. She feels extremely lucky to be working alongside Dr. Jeff and Dr. Mike and seeing their passion in helping kids. At home Kayla loves to go fishing and camping with her daughter.


Alma has always had a special interest in oral health. She chose pediatric dentistry because she especially wanted to help kids. Alma is a mother of three children and has a keen sense of what little ones need. She enjoys ensuring patients are happy and have a fun visit and they adore her for it. She hopes to someday help under-privileged children in third world countries receive oral education and become a positive impact on their lives. Aside from her career dreams Alma spends a lot of hours drawing, reading and cooking with her family.



Aleli's interest in dentistry was a result of Dr. Jeff's pediatric specialty demonstrated during her children's visits. Amazed with the dynamics between doctors and staff, she eventually joined their team. Aleli's passion is in communication and photography. She enjoys the creative process involved in navigating through the complexity of human relations-and with an emphasis on positive outcomes; Aleli feels like she's living her dream. She studied at the College of Western Idaho and feels privileged to hold a position that supports the interest of providers, patients, and everyone in the community. Above all, she treasures her quality time with family.


Megan joined Children's Dentistry because she enjoys being around kids. Megan is dedicated in helping parents prepare their child for surgery. Her duties include scheduling and coordinating post-op care. She appreciates working for Dr. Jeff and Dr. Mike because "they genuinely want the best for each child". When Megan is not busy in the office she likes cooking, walking her dogs and playing with her guinea pigs.